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Real Estate on Bophut Hill

Posted by admin on December 1, 2020

Real Estate on Bophut Hill has been developing for more than 20 years now. Since Koh Samui first opened up to foreigners with the Bangkok Airways USM airport. This significant area on Koh Samui is home to many luxury villas, one condominium still under construction and a variety of other properties. Despite the rise of several property developments, Bophut hill retains its tropical forest feel and the natural environment.

Roads to follow up Bophut Hill

Bophut Hill spans across two hillsides on the Northeast side of Koh Samui, Thailand. It is a area of high hills stretching up above 180 meters above sea level. Three main roads access the hillside. These roads are public. Khao Phra is the name of the main Bophut Hill. Khao Phra Soi 1 extends straight up and is the lower road, whereas Khao Phra Soi 2 is the main artery up the mountain. The other well known road is near the Bophut market, and takes you eventually up the hill passed and Elephant camp.

Prominent real estate on Bophut Hill

The Bophut Hill is home to some of the most prestigious villas. As a result, it is an area that many foreigners invest in property. Some of these are up to 7 or 8 bedrooms. Large plots on 1 Rai (1600 sq.m) size and more are quite common. Indeed, one of the largest villas is Baan Udorn Thara. This sits on 4 Rai and is almost the most expensive villa on the island at 300 million THB. It is centrally located on the hillside and looks down towards the ocean and Fisherman’s Village. Flat land with tiers is what the villa sits on. A new concrete road was finished in 2018. This makes road access easy. Behind this villa are Bayan Villas and another new development of mid range villas.

Its lucky that the hillside remains green

Luckily the hillside still retains a lot of its coconut palm trees, especially in the higher areas which are designated as forestry zones by the Thai government. This means that the green tropical forests will remain like a blanket. The forest areas are still large on this hillside. New rules introduced in 2018 about building heights of no more than 6 meters above 140 m about sea level, and green space within any permitted new build should help to preserve the forest feel.

Greenheights 138 Condominium re-invigorated

A long running overdue project called Greenheights 138 is almost complete. A Malaysian / Thai partnership are driving this project to finish. The building works are 80% complete with a deal of progress on the construction happening in 2019 and 2020. Expect this property to feature more heavily in marketing campaigns over the 2021 coming year. A property prominent on the higher reaches of Bophut Hill.

Home to some Elephants as well as people

The Bophut Hill is home to an Elephant Sanctuary and another Elephant Camp. The Sanctuary is located in the central area of the hillside. This area used to house the Bophut Hill 9 hole golf course. This charitable work in protecting Elephants is great to see. On the right side of this fenced in property is a new Villa development called Erawan. These are budget 3 bedroom villas starting at 7.9 million Thai Baht. There are a number of similarly designed villa projects springing up on Koh Samui. We hope that the developers are more selective in what they build. Ideally there are some more unique properties blending with the hillside.

Geko Bar retains its name for music

Further on up the hill is the Geko Bar. The bar still serves the party crowd looking for a relaxing and entertaining time. It pumps out the music for the enjoyment of all. Development is progressing relatively quickly on the hill surrounding Geko Bar. A French developer is building villas in this area. The target for these is the luxury end of the property market.

Even higher up is a private estate with a walled boundary. Within this development there are many high end villas. The project is prominent for its attention to detail. It maintains sophistication and high quality design and build. This road connects with Maenam Soi 1. The crest along this road has a number of interesting land plots for sale.

Real estate on Bophut Hill can still deliver good results.

For now real estate on Bophut Hill, apart from one or two exceptions is cleared from any major eyesores or scars. It retains its mix of properties and real estate suiting many budgets.

The private owners for villas, luxury property developers and smaller resort developments have mixed well.

The author of this blog post is John Jepson, co-founder of Samui Property Locator.

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