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Real Estate on Koh Samui

Posted by admin on March 12, 2022

I have been researching more real estate on Koh Samui to sell. And making tours around key areas on the island recently. Searching for objects available to list on my website. Identified either from competing agencies with greater coverage due to their office location on the island of Koh Samui. Or by contacting our network of people, customers, clients and developers. 

Real Estate Koh Samui – An Objective and Thorough Process

There are many resources available to find a house or villa on sale on Koh Samui. It does take a deal of time and potentially at the end even up to 2 hours to list one property. And that is after searching for it, driving to the location, meeting the owner or their representative, understanding the facilities and looking at its characteristics, identifying floors and missing key selling points. Well, it’s a full-time job, and not to be taken lightly. This is not a glib comment but does show that to perform effectively you must be diligent and determined. 

Clients Benefit is Extra Knowledge

When you do meet your client then this is when all this comes to your aid. It is a pre-requite to know at least as much as the representative of the property. And it helps when you know even more than the seller. Pointing out what’s wrong is part of my job as well. Or where it isn’t perfect normally, I have an explanation of how it can be fixed. To be a successful agent you must have a range of skills and be creative to put your clients’ needs first. Above just trying to sell a property for the monetary reward. I digress, so now an update on some of the properties or property developments I have visited this current year. 

Properties for Sale in the Area

During the month I reviewed the area of Samrong Cove and Tong Son Bay area.

real estate on Koh Samui Samrong Bay
Samrong Bay Koh Samui

Frequented by more discerning buyers, and a crowd of retirees from around the world. This area is on the northeast peninsular and looking west it has some special sunset views. Ordinarily on the northeast side of Koh Samui the sun slips behind the hills to the west and direct sunset views are not available. In this popular residential area, many of the villas offer this as one of the extra benefits. Meaning that they get the full sunset due to their enviable position. Great they have this as an advantage if this is something you as a buyer are looking for. Not all people love this feature. Indeed, it means that on days with strong sunshine the heat and direct sun can be too powerful. Blinds need to go down after 3:00pm in order to offer protection and shade. Building design can completely remove this problem, but there are other solutions such as making awnings or additional exterior roofs to create shade.

If, however you are one of those persons that loves the sun, then this is an attractive advantage. And another reason you might love this is that towards the latter part of the day, there are superb sunsets. Indeed, these occur on most days. The best is when there are clouds in the sky. The sun sets sometime after 6:30 PM in the evening. 

Bayside Estate Offers Some Highly Sought-After Villas

The Main project name within this area is called Bayside Estate and we have several opportunities for you here. Prices generally start in the high teens and then upwards depending on the property specifics. The main developer here has built a range of 3-to-4-bedroom properties. And these are mainly now owner occupied or service the short- or long-term rental market. I will provide a link to one of the options on sale. Bayside Estate also boasts some beachfront 5-to-6-bedroom beach villas. Again, a reference will be made to one villa, which is the last available and on the market for around 2.9 million US dollar.

This Bayside Estate villa is a 4-bedroom luxury property, and serves as a good example of the style of real estate on Koh Samui in this area. An infinity swimming pool, sundeck, high quality open plan kitchen living, parking garage and sunset sea views are all on offer to you at this perfect beachside home.

Sunset Estate Properties with Sunset View

That’s not the only project location. Another idea I like to promote is the Sunset Estate close to Ritz Carlton. With Phase 1 and Phase 2 sold out. And Phase 1 is fully completed for more than 3 years. Phase 2 is also occupied in the majority now.

Great quality villas of 3-to-5-bedrooms are on sale here. With added opportunity because the top floor is built-out but there are opportunities to increase living space by an additional floor. The lower ground floor is utilised by parking bays, and even more free space. The designs are flexible. Existing purchasers add bedrooms, games and gym rooms. These fully functional spaces add value. Some buyers make the mobility conscious decision at the start to add a lift. Making these villas fully accessible to elderly and those with walking disabilities.

These villas are available for viewing by appointment. Brought about by our long term partnership with this developer of high quality sea view villas, real estate on Koh Samui.

Notable Listings Added This Month

In the quiet area of Baan Thalee on the beach, this is a notable beachfront villa. This road is quietly becoming an upmarket enclave of one-off homes. The attractiveness in predominantly the unspoiled area. This beach villa is marketed at 45 million THB.

Real estate on Koh Samui – Villa Vespa on the Headlands estate. Attractive sea-view property with separate 1 bedroom apartment on the ground floor. Access by path through walled common garden to the beach spanning to Plai Laem.

Real Estate on Koh Samui
Ban Thalee beach house 45 million THB

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