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Bophut Properties on Koh Samui to Buy

Posted by admin on February 13, 2022

Bophut properties on Koh Samui have always been a core area of interest. Purchasers like this area as it is very central. Fisherman’s Village is just down the road, Bang Rak and Chaweng a few minutes by car. But now it seems harder than ever to find something worthy of interest in this area. Finding good quality properties in Bophut is definitely harder than before. Making other areas such as Maenam and Bang Por of more interest to people looking for properties on Koh Samui to buy. Perhaps this year there will be more creatively designed developments.

Bophut properties for sale

New developments that failed to fulfil the hype

In Bophut, the pre-covid market brought in several new developments. They promised great things in their glossy advertising. “Come and live on the hillside”, “Buy your dream home on Koh Samui” they stated. But it turned out that some these were small or medium sized white boxes with poor infrastructure. Developers and marketing just did not live up to the hype.

On investigation or from just a casual glance, they now stand either empty or dilapidated. Looking far from just-built. What a shame that these properties were built so close together. Making them more of an eyesore on the hillside. No thought or attention to gardens or trees. Should this be a major design consideration? concentrating instead on cramming them in to maximise profit.

Gleaming white structures before, but now have mould growth on exterior walls. The causes are maintenance issues due to weather. So perhaps exterior paint was of bad quality. Empty swimming pools are now sometimes half full of rain water. Pump systems filling with green algae. Great for frogs and mosquitos.

In some cases it seems like the developments are untended. Either the developer of these buildings has left, or their owners are dis-interested or simply unaware of the current conditions of their property.

New properties on Bophut Hill

So is the latest batch of Bophut properties on Koh Samui going to be any different? I hope that the new developers have better standards. Standards such as architectural design, materials used and being in touch with the environment. Projects claiming to be focused on nature and the environment seem to be in vogue. But will they actually live up to their claims. Only time will tell whether these latest developments on Bophut Hill are what they appear to offer.

The situation at the moment is that there are some good pockets of unspoiled hillside.

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