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Real estate agents on Koh Samui

Posted by admin on February 20, 2022

Real Estate agents on Koh Samui. With many classes and types of property. How do you choose an agent that will be effective, and what traits should they possess?

From modern duplex-villas to luxury beachfront villas on the seashores around the island. It is quite evident that the real estate market is flourishing. And it is also evident that there are many real estate agents looking to cash in on this market. But, while some less qualified merely act as a middle man for a quick sale, more reputable agents usually have a few characteristics that help them stand out from the rest. So if you are in the market for a property, the good traits of a qualified agent should be one of your criteria. And if you are working in the field of real estate and wish to be successful. Then you should strive to achieve these characteristics.

Diligent and trustworthy

Any respective buyer wants to be in the hands of a diligent agent. One that is trustworthy and fills you with confidence. They are able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, and have experience with legal aspects of a deal and advisor in price and contract negotiations. Not someone that cannot be trusted to handle paperwork, details and legal matters. The trait of laziness should not be present in their style if they are to be a successful real estate agent. Adding value whilst on visits is essential in order to earn a good reputation.

Objective and helpful advice

Effective communication on features and shortcomings on potential properties visited, essentially offering advice which may sway the purchasers thoughts one way or another. Effectively acting as a sound board and saying some things that the client may not want to hear. These are very important in order for the agent and the client to fully understand their options. Alerting the client to the value proposal, whether the area being considered to be up and coming, determining whether the property viewed is good value, market price or overpriced for that area. Building conditions and construction quality, primarily informing of some of the important characteristics of good building. 

Understanding the local market

The Koh Samui real estate agent needs to understand the market. In order to convey correctly local market conditions to potential purchasers. Any respected agent must do proper due diligence. And if they are new to the market, they have to spend time in each region of Koh Samui to understand the differences. In this way they achieve some form of proper market knowledge to advise correctly. How can an agent convey proper information on price by area and comparison developments on offer if they do not know about them?

Contacts and flexibility

The best real estate agents are always networking to develop their contacts. In a competitive industry with many players they need to keep alert to new developers, building going up and projects advertised. They should be active in contacting leads. Databases should be updated. Properties on the website should be reviewed for seller pricing, discounts or now sold. Connections with related industries mean knowing about respected plumbers, electricians and building companies. Knowledge of architects is also useful in the event that the client is considering off-plan or even buying a plot of land.

Self-motivated and creative

Good agents are researching the market constantly. They don’t work 9-5 hours, and are available 7 days a week. They answer phone calls or emails on the run. We never know when the next call will lead to a sale. They go over and beyond to find the customer what they are looking for. The reputation of an agent is somewhat driven by their diligence in finding new properties to sell. Even in the most challenging markets the best agents will find a way close a sale.

Committed to the sale

Real estate agents on Koh Samui are excited when they find a new property which looks like a best seller. The are eager to advertise and promote it on their website. And they go to extreme lengths to list it ahead of other agencies. Their drive and commitment more often leads to a successful sale. Even so when viewed by their client, a good agent is polite and considerate to both the buyer and seller.  Their professional approach is balanced. They are also respected by their fellow agencies in the market. Sometimes this leads to co-operative arrangement where they co-broke certain properties for sale. 

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