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Outstanding Luxury homes for Sale

Posted by admin on December 6, 2020

A luxury home on Koh Samui that strikes all the right notes.

For outstanding luxury homes for sale on Koh Samui, one home that stands out is this upmarket home for sale at 1.8 m US$. in the Sanh Kiri Kham Estate. It immediately drew our attention as we entered the gates of the luxury villa estate. The guard raised the barrier and we drove another 1.5 kilometers up the well maintained road system, passed several other plots of land for sale. All had exceptional sea-views towards the coast.

Indeed the southern and western edge of Koh Samui is home to such properties. The reasons are quietness, privacy and the lack of full scale development. Bang Khao, Thong Krut and the Taling Ngan boast many attractions. So owning a private property in this area gives these lucky people the super lifestyle as well. A fishing village, shoreline restaurants and up-market hotels. Its an area with natural waterfalls and even an Elephant sanctuary.

Luxury homes on the Sanh Kiri Kham Estate Koh Samui

Prices within the project make these million dollar listing real estate. Some of the land plots are owned by entrepreneurs as well as high net worth individuals. These people normally engage well-know architects from Asia to build exceptional homes. Most are modern but all fit the dramatic hillside environment.

It is safe to say that within this estate, the owners enjoy both privacy and anonymity. The service level of the management and staff are high. Providing immediate response any questions the owners might pose.

This upmarket home for sale sits on the brow of a hill. Perched as it does it can see both to the west and in an easterly direction. The forests carpet the hillside, only interrupted by the distant view of another luxury property. The villa has meandering gardens, private spaces and awe-inspiring views. Fully air-conditioned, but who needs that as the space lends itself to capture the sea breeze. Its owners told me that they hardly ever use the air-conditioning. “we run it maybe once a month just to test it” they said.

As a large luxury villa with 5 bedroom it meets the needs of a family home. More than this it is a perfect holiday or vacation property. The entertainment and living space blend with its environment. The infinity pool has a unique granite rock within the pool side. And the owner has cleverly built jacuzzi jets within.

Having been spoilt for so many years I asked the obvious question. why sell it? and the answer was purely one due to its size. The owners are not finished living here. They are moving to another plot and designing a smaller villa. This is praise indeed for the development.

For outstanding luxury homes for sale, this indeed is a rare find. As it represents one of the best properties on the island of Koh Samui. The persons owning this property will have years of enjoyment.

More luxury properties for sale are available on our website exclusively for Koh Samui. The author of this blog is John Jepson, joint founder of Samui Property Locator.

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