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Real Estate Soi Sunday, Bophut

Posted by admin on December 9, 2020

Soi Sunday has incredibly diverse real estate

Real estate in Soi Sunday has captured many foreign buyers. So perhaps now the road Soi Sunday needs more recognition. Known by many local Thais and foreigners living in Koh Samui. The road is opposite from Bophut market. Here you will find one of the thriving local food markets. The market sells all kinds of local fruit and vegetables. Many Thai people come here to purchase ingredients, such as local Thai herbs and products used in cooking the many tasty Thai dishes. It is fast becoming a popular residential area with many people buying property here.


The lower area near Bophut Market


With a family mart on the corner, the road corner is the home of King of Bread (KOB for short). The bakery has fast become popular. Serving delicious French, German and other sorts of bread. The owner Khun Ek and his wife also regularly add to the menu. He talks about the Sour dough recipe he recently acquired and the mother. The mother is the catalyst to make the dough sour. As we live close by we regularly visit for lunch time snacks, breakfasts and good coffee. Many other do the same, so It has become one of the real success stories during Covid-19 time.

The Black Monk in Bophut Temple

Black Monk Bophut Temple Koh Samui

Black Monk sits on his Boat at Bophut Temple

Moving along the road on the left side of Soi Sunday road is the Bophut temple. The Temple has the now “getting” famous Black Monk sitting in his boat. Its head stares up the road, looking towards the hill. The temple grounds are used for night markets. These take place during certain festivals. The sellers make food and snacks. Also this is the place to buy cheap T-shirts or leather goods. The market serves as a venue for local Thai bands and some other more famous Thai acts.




Canal water works taking place

Recently the water canal has been dredged and now proper drainage channel is being constructed. This work has been going on in other locations on Koh Samui. The road infrastructure includes much needed pathways. Improvements to roads and drainage have spruced up the look of Koh Samui greatly.

The entrance to Soi Sunday now has this canal work going on. The canal will eventually come out near the Bophut infants school. This will make Fisherman’s Village more accessible. At the moment the quickest way into Fisherman’s Village is through the temple.

It is one of the reasons why people like to live on Soi Sunday. The fact that you can walk to Fisherman’s Village, eat very locally and shop at the fresh market. All very convenient. The hillside road is not too steep to the top. You see many prams and mothers with children making their way down to the ring road, or to the village. From here it is easy to pick up a local baht bus.


Condominiums and villas at upper Soi Sunday

Soi Sunday goes up the hill across a small bridge. The existing water ditch passes underneath. There are a mixture of local resorts and houses. US Hostel is a pack packers favorite. Further up at the top of the road are 2 condominiums called Arisara. These are popular for longer term rental guests. The whispering Palms villa residence is also popular.


Forest Hill Residence with its mixture of townhouses, duplex units and detached 3 bed villas are very popular. This residence used to be called Sundays Resort. One of the first Spa Resorts. This is how Soi Sunday got its name. Its owner has redevelop the site over the last five years. Replacing the spa resort with a collection of stylish properties, some with private garden. But all enjoying the central grounds. These were snapped up as people saw the uniqueness of the properties.

A number of the properties are owner occupied. Others are rented out to holiday makers and longer term tenants.What makes this so popular are the collection of gardens, a common area full of mature trees. To top it all there is a 20 meter long swimming pool. And above all it is exceptionally peaceful. So all that come to stay have a wonderful location with peace and tranquility.

After the Forest Hill Residence, the road follows either down the hill where you will find The Pool. another small townhome resort.

Real estate projects on Soi Sunday

There are two villa projects. One is a recently named villa project called “The Edge”. There is one under construction. The other project is a collection of semi-detached villas with infinity swimming pools which are finished.

Real Estate Soi Sunday Bophut as an area seems to be developing in a good way. With the combination of charm and local resort style properties it has still managed to maintain its charm. Hidden to most everyday. For those that live in this area really enjoy its closeness to Fisherman’s Village and the pleasant environment.

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The author of this post is John Jepson, Co-founders of Samui Property Locator.

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